Journey to the Stage: GAME TIME

It has been a week since the Ikaika Bodybuilding Championship here in Hawaii and I am happy to say that I came in 2nd place in the bikini tall class. It was my very first show and a last minute decision to fully commit to compete...8 weeks out! It was a lot of hard work and  took a lot of mental toughness through those 8 weeks but I did it!! definitely learned a lot about my body and myself and I can't wait to step on the stage again. I have so much respect for all the competitors out there. There is so much hard work and dedication that goes on in this sport.

I would like to thank...


My trainer and boss Chris Ranes for training and believing in me. I have learned a lot from you over these past few weeks!

Shelby O'Fay, Trixie Wright, Brian Copeland, and everyone backstage for helping me with nutrition, posing, and stage tips.

ImageJenn Kim for being my beauty maker! She did it all...Spray tan, AMAZING make up, painted my toe nails, and PAMed me up!!!

Shade Ozuno for my beautiful gel nails at Pure Nails in Honolulu. Anna Alonzo for threading my eyebrows and face, Beyond Bare in Honolulu. Jenn Yee for my eye lash extensions, Luxe Lashes in Honolulu.


My boyfriend Tali for his constant support and even eating tilapia for dinner with me.

Love you!!

My Mom and Dad for always inspiring me to do my best and to have fun! To ALL my family, friends, and Fitness Ranes Family for all the calls, texts messages, facebook comments, and instagram comments throughout my journey. I couldn't have done it without all of you!!!! This was my first but definitely not my last competition! Time to prep and bring a more lean and toned body to the stage! Paradise Cup is November 2, 2013... #operationBOOTY is now in progress. Stay tuned. =)





Top 3 Bikini Tall Class


8 week transformation

You can do anything you want.

It just takes a mix of will power, positive attitude, and WANT!

Live healthy and Be happy!


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