24 Day Challenge:

The last few days of my challenge were AWESOME! I had a full weekend of Body Pump training! I passed my track presentation and now the next step is to film the entire class and send in the tape to get reviewed. It was great to have the training towards the end of my challenge because I definitely got a last great workout. Body Pump gave me a great "pump" over the two days. Today is officially the last day of my challenge! I was able to eat anything I wanted but still kept it healthy. Since I am in Hawaii I had to give in and have some shaved ice!

Here are my before and after pictures!


Before: 139 lbs

After: 134 lbs


Flexing for the camera. 

Me and Tali.

This challenge not only made a difference physically in my body, but I also became more aware of everything that I ate. I have more energy than ever and eating clean had a lot to do with it. The Spark and vitamins were a plus and it kept me on a daily schedule which was nice and easy to follow. The challenge flew by and I recommend it to EVERYONE and ANYONE who needs a little direction and wants to change their lifestyle for the better. I have lost a total of 15 pounds since last summer. I have never been this lean and have been able to see my "6 pack" like you can now.

Since I started the challenge and blogged about my progress, I have encouraged 8 people to purchase the 24 Day Challenge and try it for themselves. That is AMAZING! I am so excited for their journey and cannot wait to see their progress! I will keep you all posted on their progress and give them shout outs in each entry!

My Challenge to you:

Make a commitment to try the challenge for yourself. If you are struggling with your eating habits or figuring out an exercise regimen, the 24 Day Challenge will get you on a schedule. It is worth every penny and will change your lives for the better. I am here to coach anyone who needs an extra push! =)

Please email me if you have any questions!


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