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It has been seven days since the last day of my 24 Day Challenge and eating clean in Hawaii has been my new challenge. I am still drinking lots of water and making it to the gym everyday so that I can maintain the progress I made from the challenge. It has been nice to wake up to sunshine and warm weather everyday and I sure could get used to it. Vacations seem to be a time when people tend to gain an extra few pounds because you’re constantly looking for the “place” to eat. Everywhere you go there is always a restaurant, bar, fast food, or hole in the wall place that you need to try at least once. For example, here in Hawaii, Leonards Bakery is known for their malasadas. These delicious fried doughnut like pastries come in all flavors and fillings. From your traditional sugar coated to your coconut filling malasada they are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.  


Now my rule of thumb when eating on vacation; be reasonable with your portion size. Never over indulge. Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you should let all your hard work go down the drain.  Now that doesn’t mean that you should hold back from trying new foods, it just means make smart decisions when it comes to portion size. Now a day, restaurants provide brown rice to substitute for white rice or a side salad to substitute for French fries. They are making it easier for everyone to make healthier choices.

Try to stay active while on vacation especially if you’re going to a place with nice weather. Take advantage of the sun, especially if you’re from a place where 300 days out of the year it rains, such as Seattle. There are a variety of activities you could plan such as hikes, various tours on boats, parasailing, sky diving, bike tours, snorkeling, surfing, paddle boarding…the list goes on! Most hotels have small gyms that are available for guests. Wake up early and get a quick lift in before the morning activities or run along the beach as the sun rises! I understand many go on vacation to put their feet up and bask in the sun with a mai tai in the hand, but who honestly wants to do that every single day?!



Stay active but also enjoy yourself. You will feel better once your vacation is over.  ;)




Roxy Ventus: New 24 Day challenger!! She began her challenge yesterday and I am excited to see her results at the end. She was one of the first people to reach out to me during my journey and ordered the challenge!



I have been very happy with the emails, facebook messages, tweets, and instagram comments about how I have inspired and motivated many people to make healthier choices. Keep it up and order your challenge today to get started!

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