Emerald Cup 2016

The last time I stepped on stage was March 2014 in Hawaii and I can't say that it was the best experience of my life. Prep was difficult and I was thousands of miles away from my real support system. Now lets fast forward 2 years. I moved back to the mainland and decided to compete in April 2016 at Emerald Cup, one of the biggest shows in Washington state. I decided I needed to get back on stage and train for something rather than just "working out." Since being home I did my fair share of kicking it and partying. I was not happy with how my body looked and felt like I was not setting a good example for my clients. This prep was definitely different that the past. I had guidance throughout the 16 weeks rather than just guessing and winging my food and workouts. (Shout out to Mel B. in Hawaii for all her help) It is such a mental game with you and only you. I had my days where I wanted to breakdown, and some times I did, and that is totally normal. You are constantly coaching and reminding yourself "why" and your "purpose." You may think the "why" is...Why am I doing this? Why am I limiting myself to only eat a certain about of macros? Why am I lifting? Why am I doing all this cardio? Why am I putting my body through this crazy ass process? But my "why/purpose" is much more meaningful. It is not just to look good and feel good (but, hey, that is always a plus). To me it is about challenging yourself, everyday, to be better.

It is about making sacrifices to reach a goal.

It is about being uncomfortable.

It is about always continuing your quest to be "your" best (taken from a comment Warren Higa aka Fajja Higa left on my Facebook).

It is about inspiring and while also being inspired.

It is about kicking ass at life.

I was so overwhelmed, but in a good way, the week of Emerald Cup. Words cannot describe how thankful and grateful I am for the people I have in my life. All the support helped me get through my rough patches. I literally had the biggest cheering section of signs, sticks with my  head on them, and a HIGAfish. I love each and every one of you and THANK YOU for all your support. It means the world to me.


Emerald Cup 2016IMG_3040IMG_3112

I placed 9th in my first show in 2016. Looking forward to competing and continuing my journey as a bikini athlete!


#Team FSP