Higafit Back in Seattle

I can definitely say that these past 5 months have consisted of figuring out my life back in Seattle, finding new places to train, reconnecting with family and friends, finding myself and what makes me happy...but this was the kind of summer I needed. I can't remember the last time I had this much fun. I laughed with friends until I was crying and my stomach hurt, and I was able to spend time with family that I hadn't seen in months. But with that came the eating, drinking, and more eating, which resulted in the pictures below...


It is time to get my act together. Ill be honest, I am embarrassed of these pictures because I worked so hard last year when I competed in Hawaii, but I needed a Summer like this one. I can say that I am in a much happier place. I have found a new home at Ford Sports Performance (Bellevue) and Inspire Pilates (West Seattle & Queen Anne). I am ready! Follow me as I begin my Advocare 24 Day Challenge and continue to prep to return to the stage with the help of my Coach Dustin Buyes.