WHOA! Sorry for the delay...

Life happened...BUT I am back to give an update!

Back in November I competed in Paradise Cup here in Hawaii. It was the 30th Anniversary and the largest show they have ever put on. Due to the massive amount of competitors, pre-judging ended at 4pm and the night show began at 7pm. Bikini girls did not step on stage until midnight and because I am in the tall division, we were the last group to go on. I was grumpy and wanting to eat all the chocolate in the world by that point, but I managed to keep myself busy.

Out of 18 amazing women, I placed 5th. =) I was very pleased to place in the top 5 in my second show!



This time I went with a royal blue suit and even bedazzled it myself! Although it took me hours to complete, it makes a big difference on stage! Gotta have that BLING!

To help cover costs of competing (Suit, tan, makeup, entry fee, nails, etc) I had shirts designed and printed to sell. Thanks to everyone for all your love and support!


I am currently back in PREP mode! I am 6 weeks out from my next show, Stingrey. On April 18, I will be stepping on stage once again! I am finally getting the hang of the meal prep and not craving cake, cookies, and anything that contains sugar! Each contest prep gets easier and easier!

Stay tuned! I am in the process of creating a new t-shirt design to sell. I will be taking pre-orders within the next couple weeks! Ill keep you posted!

I promise to update my blog as much as possible!

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