SPARK up your life!

Are you someone who has trouble waking up in the morning or feels the energy slumps throughout the day? Someone who doesn't have the energy to live life you would like to? Someone who is looking for a healthy and nutritious alternative to coffee, soda, or energy drinks? If you answered yes to any of the questions above then AdvoCare's "Spark" may be right for you!


Spark is one of AdvoCare's top products. It is a sugar-free drink that is packed is vitamins and nutrients that will give you a balanced source of energy without the crash. Spark helps provide a quick source of long lasting energy and mental focus and clarity. Each serving is only 45 calories and packed with TONS of nutrients...what more could you need?


It comes in many flavors such as fruit punch, tangerine, grape, cherry, pink lemonade, mango strawberry, and right now there is a variety pack that you can order and VOTE for your favorite flavor! Advocare will only keep ONE flavor so choose wisely! 



I use Spark when I need a pick me up in the morning and before my workouts! I LOVE this amazing product and recommend it for everyone looking for a healthy alternative! If you have any questions on Spark or any of Advocare's products email me or leave me a comment!