Lululemon vs. Zella

When I began teaching group fitness classes at Western, I realized that an important part was presentation and appearance. I need to be their inspiration and coach, so it's always important to practice what you preach! LOOK THE PART! It is a little discouraging to take a class from an instructor who looks like they just rolled out of bed, got dressed in the dark, and looks like your average Joe, right? When I take a class, I have more energy and motivation when the instructors "look the part". We all know there are many different brands of athletic clothing; Nike, Adidas, Underarmor, Puma, Reebok, Lululemom, and Zella to name a few but which one do you prefer? Which one stands out more than another to you and why? Is it the quality of the fabric or because it has a swoosh on it? Personally, I prefer Nike, Lululemon, and Zella. I love the comfort and various styles they all have to offer.

When it comes to clothing, for women, you begin to notice either the Lululemon symbol or Zella logo on their clothes. So the question is...which one do you prefer?

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Lululemon was founded in Vancouver, BC in 1998. Their clothing was first sold in a yoga studio. Today they sell clothes that are great for yoga, running, and any other sweaty activity all over the country. They are known for their high quality fabric that holds their shape. One of their fabrics is called, "luon." Luon is wicking, offers 4 ways of stretching, and is preshrunk. Because of the high percent of lycra, the fabric will not stretch and will offer great coverage. Another fabric is called, "luxtreme." This fabric is used for running gear for men and women. The moisture wicking material makes it great for super sweaty exercise!! Those are two fabrics that Lululemon use for their clothing. (check out for information on each type of fabric.) They provide a variety of pants, shorts, tank tops, sports bras, jackets, zip ups, hoodies, underwear, bags, headbands, yoga mats, yoga accessories, and classes. Lululemon also offers a "Research and Development" discount (15%) for anyone who is a yoga or fitness leader in the community. Bottoms range from $42-$98 and tops range from $42-$198.

Zella is sold in Nordstrom stores and online at The fabric they use is called Leveraging Zelstretch, a lightweight, technically advanced four-way stretch fabric. It is designed to prevent moisture wicking and quick dry to keep you comfortable during the sweatiest workout. Zella also provides a variety of pants, shorts, tank tops, jackets, zip ups, hoodies, sport bras, bags, and headbands. Although Zella does not offer a discount for local fitness instructors, but they do have lower price point than Lululemon. Bottoms range from $32-$62 and tops range from $28-$98.

Many people say that Lululemon and Zella are pretty much the same company. Their designs, styles, and color patterns are very similar on all their products. They could have had designers that worked for both companies or have worked hand in hand with each other. Who really knows?

I prefer BOTH! :) Both products have great quality and last through many washes. I have bottoms, tops, and headbands from both companies and I don't have any complaints.  I will say one thing; Lululemon's tend to make your "rear end" look slightly better than Zella's but both are great. They are a comfortable, high quality product, and everyone should give them a try. Need motivation to get back in the gym? Get new/cute workout clothes. Look and feel great while working out! They may be a little pricier than other brands, but it is worth the extra cash.

Which do you prefer? ;)

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