24 Day Challenge: Days

The days just seem to fly by on my challenge! The "zig zag" or carb cycling stage is harder than I thought because I have been craving nothing but SWEETS! I have been satisfying my craving with peanut butter on celery. It has become my new favorite snack! Image

Ants on a log...minus the ants =)

Tonight, I had chicken breast, green salad, and yams for dinner. This means tomorrow is a no carb day. Chicken breasts and veggies shall fill my tummy for the day! I have been slacking on my water intake, (I noticed while teaching my class because my mouth was dry) so I am making sure that I am drinking plenty before I go to bed tonight.

I really need to focus on my last week of my challenge. This is the FINAL STRETCH and I will be finishing off my last day of my challenge while on an airplane to Hawaii. (That means my "after" pictures will be taking place on the beach!) I can tell my body has changed and I have received many comments from co-workers at Nordstrom and 24, but I know I can work a little harder. I mean, its only 24 days, so why not put all of your efforts for ALL of these days?...right? Wish me luck. I am almost there!

Thanks for your comments, emails, and following me throughout my challenge! If you are interested in taking on your own 24 day challenge, email me, and I can coach you through it!