24 Day Challenge: Days 8.9.10

Last few days of my Herbal Cleanse and I am feeling great! I weighed myself the other day and had to do a double take at the scale... it said 132. 7lbs?!  That is not exactly what I wanted but I can't complain! I have not seen those numbers on the scale since high school!! The first week was kind of a test trial to see how much food I needed to intake for the amount of activity I did everyday. As a result, I am eating a little more because my metabolism is speeding up. Now here comes the final stretch ...days 11-23 LEAN-IN-13 ZIG ZAG Program. Same concept except a little more strict. This program will get my metabolism back on track and push my body into "fat burning" mode. My ultimate goal entering this challenge was to decrease my body fat percentage...so I am super excited for the last part of this challenge! The Zig-Zag program has two different days, "burn" and "refuel." Burn days consist of NO  Carbohydrates or fruit ...only protein, vegetables, and healthy fats. Refuel days are when carbohydrates and fruit are incorporated back into meals. The suggested ratio is 3:1 (burn:refuel) but I am going to do a 2:1 ratio. (Please note there are two different options for step 2.) BRING ON STEP 2!


I was just on Facebook and in my news feed a picture came up that caught my eye and made me really happy.


Meet Shalonda.

Shalonda and I met at Kentridge High School. She was in my brother's class and we were all in various clubs together my senior year. This picture made me happy because of her progress she has made over the past 8 months and how she has stuck with it over time. It is people like her who remind me how much I LOVE the industry I am in and why I am in it. Through the triumphs and pitfalls, she is down 40lbs and still going strong. All it takes is watching your diet and hitting the gym. I can't wait to see her progress over the next 8 months! YOU GO GIRL!

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