24 Day Challenge: Days

I am about one week into my challenge and the herbal cleanse phase has 3 days left. It has been extremely challenging eating every 2-3 especially when you work in retail. I never seem to eat at the same time and when I plan to try and take a 15 minute break...it never happens. Another problem I encountered was...Am I eating enough? I am just below the second category of weight but am more active than the average person, therefore I found myself hungry within 1 hour of eating. I decided to increase my food intake and it made a positive difference. It hasn't been hard to eat clean. It's actually really easy and because I prepared my food at the beginning of the week, which makes packing food in the morning quick! I don't really drink, so that hasn't been a problem...but what I have been craving are SWEETS! So...I had to give in just a little bit today and treated myself to Yogurtland aka FROYO.

gluten free. non-fat. anti-oxidant rich. calcium. Live & Active Culture. Kosher Certified.

I always get the original tart flavor yogurt and choose healthy toppings such as strawberries, mangoes, and mochi balls. I had to do it...I had to satisfy my craving!!!!

Day 8 should be a great day because I am just working at the gym, working out, and teaching Kick Butt Bootcamp (Mondays 5:30pm, Downtown Seattle 24 Hour Fitness.) I will be able to eat every 2-3 hours and get in a great workout! WAHOO! I can't wait!


I want to say CONGRATS to my boyfriend, Tali, and his team the Ko'olau Hurricanes for winning the HPFL Championship yesterday over the Wai'anae Sharks! He has always been a great athlete but he tells me he is the strongest and most athletic he has ever been! We workout together every chance we get and we like to challenge and push each other. It's nice because we have different athletic backgrounds and we learn a lot from each other. I can't wait to see him on the field next season! =)

Tali Ena #9

Surround yourself with people who live active and healthy lives. Find someone who you can walk/run/bike/lift weights together...it's always nice having a workout buddy! Take GROUP FITNESS classes! Many of the members at my gym who take my classes create relationships with one another because they see each other every week. Same time, same place! The atmosphere in the classes are AMAZING! Come try one out!

Lastly...take time out of your day to spend with the people you love. (Family, friends, significant others, pets...etc) If its a nice sunny day, take them on a walk!

My Dad and Grandpa Nakashima (86) taking a walk in Jefferson Park.

(If you look closely Grandpa is walking without his cane!)

It is always important to "keep moving" and to "stay active"

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